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Friday, November 30, 2012

I am NOT Your Pet

When it comes to natural hair, people gravitate towards it. Whether it's curiosity or to marvel in the awe of a well maintained mane, but I don't particularly like my hair being touched.  It is by all means acceptable if you've been granted permission to, but please don't be tempted otherwise.  My hair is apart of MY body and it DEMANDS respect just as its counterparts.

There's been many occasions where I've felt particularly uncomfortable with people touching my hair.  About a year ago, a woman approached me while I was on duty at work and positioned her hands in a way to touch my hair.  Upon getting closer, she said "I just have to touch it".  I decided to take a positive approach and just smiled even though it bothered me.  At times, you have to maintain your composure, but other times you have to say "ENOUGH is ENOUGH!".  Another time was a co-worker who would always sneak up from no where and pull on the ends of my hair to watch it bounce.  I appreciate the love that my natural hair has been given, but how many times do you have to pull on my hair?  It hasn't changed from the last time you yanked on it.  It got to the point where I had to ask the individual to stop.  The person assumed cause I didn't make a big issue of it before that it was okay to continue.  I had to make it clear that that had to be the last time.

There has been times where I was okay with an occasional touch of my hair because it was on my terms.  I was aware that it was going to be done prior to the act.  I've been at a bar where a gentleman asked if he could touch my hair, and it didn't bother me.  Or another time when I was leaving the bathroom and a woman asked me if my hair was natural.  She ASKED if she could touch my hair and I obliged.  After all, being natural is a great conversation starter and I welcome the conversation.

My main issue with those who want to touch my hair is to be respectful of my space.  Don't go grabbing my hair.  I am NOT your pet, neither is this a petting zoo.  If you would like to touch, then I suggest you ASK.

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