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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Natural Hair Feature: Dynae Saba

Introduce yourself.
My name is Dynae. I’m a 24 year old Psych Major, and proud mother of a beautiful 6 year old with another one on the way.  Currently living in Madison, WI.
How long have you been natural and what lead you on this journey?
I’ve been natural my entire life, and struggled with it in the beginning. Being bi-racial was a challenge because my mother had straight blonde hair and had no idea how to care for my long curly hair.  For me to learn what worked best for me took trial and error.  I learned what worked best for my hair’s appearance and health.  It’s a blessing to pass that knowledge to my daughter who also has the same type of hair.

So what kind of hair products do you use? Why?
I use Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner, or any other products containing olive and natural lavender oil because it helps with dandruff, and dryness all while making my hair smell amazing.  With shampoo, I use Aussie Moist Shampoo (rarely) as this works for my hair texture.
How did the public first respond to your natural hair?
People love my hair.  I’m always getting compliments from strangers.  I’ve recognized that people tend to compliment me more if my hair is straightened.  Some seem friendlier, as if my fro is something to be intimidated by.
Were there any downsides to being natural?
My mother’s side of the family would make little comments like “Whoa! Your hair is a little wild, Dynae. Are you going to tame it?”  My response would be “It’s natural. It’s curly.  God intended for my hair to be this texture. Otherwise, he would have made it thinner, slicker, or less curly.  I love it and I think it looks great.” It’s not that people are being rude. It’s that their ignorant to what’s different, so instead of catching an attitude and getting defensive, I educate people. There’s also people who are always trying to touch my hair!  O_o. I really don’t enjoy being petted, so it’s something that quickly grew very old. The worst is when people don’t ask for permission and just reach out like I’m some kind of mannequin.
What has being natural taught you about yourself?
Being natural has taught me to embrace ME.  It’s a reflection of my personality. I wear my natural hair for me, and no one else.  I am confident and my natural hair embodies every essence of the word.  You see how people embrace you and enjoy the way you look naturally without the artificial fillers.  Within the past 5 years, I’ve realized my hair doesn’t need to lay flat, my curls don’t need to be perfect, and if there’s frizz, my natural hair is still gorgeous.
Do you have any advice you can give to the natural hair community?
People love natural hair it exudes confidence and simply enhances the beauty we posess naturally, so be patient.  It will get easier with time and practice. Natural hair is a way of life.  If you have a daily schedule, set aside a good 30 minutes to prep for the next day.  It’s a great way to keep your natural journey going along smoothly. Remember, olive oil is your friend. Personally, I use a tiny bit on my scalp and my ends because I don’t like the oily, heavy feeling if too much is applied.  Always shrug off any negative comments.  As long as you feel good about your natural hair, that’s all that matters. No one else is going to wake up and tend to your hair, so wear it how you want.  Beware of over washing as it dries out our hair.  I rinse my hair with water daily and condition it about once or twice a week.  I rarely ever shampoo, but once a month at the most.  If you struggle with brushing your gorgeous locks, then make sure you detangle only when your hair is wet.  Grab a brush on the way to the shower, section your hair off (I just do a big part down the middle), and brush it under the shower head moving from the ends to the roots.  It’s a huge time saver and they’ll be less breakage.
Is there anyway that natural hair admirers can get in contact with you? (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) 
You can contact me on
Twitter: @Dynaenaeboo
FaceBook: Dynae Saba (send me a message)
Instagram: Dynaelove

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