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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Natural Hair Length Retention

Question: Hi! I just wanted to ask, what do you use for curl definition and length retention? Thanks girl! -msjazalwayz

Hey! How are you?  Thanks for asking.

The products I use for curl definition are listed in my post, Natural Hair Detangling for Frizz Free Curls.  I don’t usually stray from these products cause they work for me.  What is your hair texture?  Do you look for videos from natural hair gurus that have the same hair texture as you?  I find natural hair tutorials are the best way to learn about different products.  If that doesn’t help, you should also consider trying hair product delivery services such as Curl Kit.  With that, you can subscribe, and try out different hair products until you find the right one for you.  As always, trial and error can help you determine what works for you.

In regard to length retention, I never really focus on this as I tend to wear my hair out more often than not.  I would suggest practicing protective hairstyles though.  My motto is “the less you manipulate your hair, the more growth and less breakage you’ll see”.  Let’s think about it.  Have you ever looked at someone with dreads and wondered how their hair grows so long?  The constant manipulation leads to breakage.  I’d like for you to experiment with more protective styles such a two strand twists, mini twists, cornrowsbuns, flat twists, or mini braids.  Just click on the different protective styles for some of my favorite video tutorials that can help you maintain length retention.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.  As always, we have to learn from one another.

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