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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Natural Hair Protective Style: Dry Mini Twists

Although I tend to wear my hair out, I do occasionally incorporate protective styling into my routine.  One of my favorite protective styles are dry mini twists.  I accomplish this in multiple steps.  First, I wash and detangle my hair as in Natural Hair Detangling for Frizz Free Curls.  Second, I apply my IC Fantasia Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer, then braid my hair in 4 sections to let it air dry.  In a few hours, it's time to blow dry my hair with my Got 2b CrazySleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion for heat protection.  I always blow dry my hair with the comb attachment.  If you don't detangle properly, then using a comb attachment may cause breakage.

I notice that when I allow my hair to air dry a bit, it doesn't take as long to get through the curls.  Apply tension to the hair and blow dry a few times in small sections.  We're not looking for bone straight hair, just to make sure the hair is completely dry.  Make sure you have enough time as blow drying will take time.  If your face looks like the above photo, then you're doing a good job lol.  When you're finally done, you'll feel amazing, but the process isn't over yet.
Think about how you want your parts to look at the top of your head.  What final look do you have in mind?  Make sure you part your hair the size you want your twists to be.  The smaller you make your twists, the more time it will take.  Give yourself plenty of time to finish your hair and take breaks when necessary.  If you look at the size of my twists, you'll notice that I make them very small.
I find that when I do my mini dry twists, I make sure to braid about half an inch down, then start the twists.  This is a personal preference, but I feel it gives a neater look.
If you continue to work around in sections, you give yourself the opportunity to hide any unfinished hair.  I tend to twist from the front to the back to the middle.
Here's the finished product:
And another view from the back:
If you need additional help with the technique of mini twists, then check out the video below.

There are always other videos on YouTube you can check out.  Learn the technique, then practice, practice, practice.
Would you try this hairstyle out?  Leave your comments and pictures of your mini dry twists below.


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