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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When Mothers Don't Teach Their Daughters: The Anti-Natural Hair Cycle

From the time we exit the womb, we adore our mothers.  They show us right from wrong, feed, wash, and cloth us.  Our mothers set the foundation we need to acknowledge our self worth.  Yet, what has been lacking over the years has been the desire to love ourselves naturally.  We’ve been rejecting our natural hair.  Essentially viewing it as something bad, un-pretty, and unmanageable.  Possibly to fit in for the purpose of providing for our families, but at what cost.  Have we lost ourselves?

Chime Edwards touches upon the lack of self love for our natural hair in her video, the Natural Hair Doll Experiment.  By using the most impressionable people around, our children, she is able to express why we need to make more of an effort to teach our children about loving ourselves first.  If we can’t look in the mirror without loving our reflection, then something is wrong.

Change starts in the home with our mothers.  Our first vision of Black beauty with her silky, straightened relaxed hair who can’t teach us how to care for our natural hair.  The woman who breaks combs rushing to get through the tangles of our natural hair while we cry for relief from the torture.  Deeply hating that our hair isn’t “manageable”.  We yearn for our first application of Just for Me because we see the clear pasture ahead.

The sad truth is that many of our mothers don’t know how to care for our natural hair.  The lack of knowledge is passed down, and the cycle continues into the next generation.  When many of us finally make the transition to natural hair, we are lost.  The only thing we can remember about having natural hair is the broken combs, fidgetting, and tears shed.  Now’s the time to reeducate our beautiful Kings and Queens.  Teach them that natural hair is beautiful.  If we can break the anti-natural hair cycle, then why won’t we.

Take a look at the video and post your thoughts below.

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