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Monday, September 2, 2013

Fashion: Handmade Earrings by Nappy Rūtz

While in Atlanta for a family reunion, I got my Nappy Rūtz on lol.  I met up with the beautiful Cherie Huff, the creator of the handmade jewelry line, in Atlantic Station.  It was a beautiful venue she picked.  It had such an artsy feel to it.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to do the interview out in the open due to security.

We had to find a new location and the perfect spot happened to be Cafe Nineteen.  While there, we took a few pictures, spoke about life and the start of her earrings.  It was like reconnecting with an old friend.  We were there for a few hours just talking as if we knew each other forever.  We met up with the purpose of doing an interview, but ended up with a friendship.  

Before I left, I had to purchase some of her amazing handmade earrings.  Here are some of the pieces I brought back to New York.

I picked these particular pieces because of the color, and unique designs.  I don't think I'll find anyone in New York with these unless you guys decide to purchase some.  Well, if you're interested in purchasing a pair, then the prices are as follows:

Masquarde Earrings (top left) for $20 (on sale)
Circles of Blue (top right) for  $17 (on sale)
Every Brown Angle 1 aka Pretzel Earrings (bottom) for $20.

FYI: I purchased the top 2 pieces, and was able to receive an additional piece for reaching out for the interview.  Check back on the site soon for that.

Are you ready for your Nappy Rūtz experience?  Be sure to check out to purchase your pieces.


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