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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Experience at Fro Fashion Week

AphroditeKinks (R) and Me
Fro Fashion Week was held at the Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel.  This was my first fashion week event ever!  With the excitement to see afros of every texture, I’m sure you can only image my excitement.  

I arrived a little before 10 am to check in for my media reservation.  Many people had yet to arrive, so I strolled around meeting other naturals and checking out the setup of the venue.  The first person I recognized was blogger, Curls and Mo, who was getting her makeup done with Motives for La La.  I didn’t want to interfere too much, so I decided to walk around a bit more.
An Attendee with the Model from Curls Unleashed
Two hair product companies were represented for the day.  From Basic Hair Care to Curls Unleashed, this was most definitely an event for naturals to attend.  The first room was where Basic Hair Care had their pop up salon area set up.  You could get your hair done with their products if you had previously set up an appointment.  The next room over was the Curls Unleashed / Motives for La La area.  Curls Unleashed had their products set up for a hair product junkie.  I mean, there was products galore.

The Ladies of Curls Unleashed
Erica Dennis for Motives for La La
The first company to speak was Basic Hair Care with their free lunch.  After not having breakfast, it was something to look forward to.  I tried not to let my food distract me from their presentation.  They did a good job talking about the One Step Smoothing System, and the Boost System.  With the One Step Smoothing System, you’re able to slightly stretch out your curl pattern.  Gasp lol.  You have to think of this as a semi permanent solution that lasts for about 3 months.  For those of you stressed about your curl pattern being too tight, this might be a solution for you.  With the Boost System, you get a temporary solution that will be gone after 2 to 3 shampoos.  I’d say you should try the Boost System first, if you’re unsure of keeping your curls at bay for too long.

Latoya from Basic Hair Care
What I can tell you from my experience was that their Herbaceous Oil and Curl Enhancing cream is the truth.  Latoya, the Director of Education for Basic Hair Care, had me and a fellow attendee try mixing a small sample of the oil and cream together in the palm of our hand, then onto other areas of our skin.  When I tell you that my skin was smooth beyond belief, I am not lying.  She emphasized how you should be able to apply your hair products on your body as well.  I never really thought of the damage I could be doing to my skin by using hair products that clog up my pores.  After all, I have acne and should be more conscious of this.  This is most definitely something to change in my regime whether I use their particular products or not.
Straightened Natural Hair with Basic Hair Care
Some points the Basic Hair Care speakers emphasized was that once you dye your natural hair, then you are no longer natural.  In my opinion, I don’t feel this way because I didn’t dye my hair for the purpose of changing my natural hair texture.  I added color to spice it up.  It was also mentioned that heat damage is hair that has broken off.  What many people tend to refer to as heat damage is actually “changing the memory of your hair”.  If you continuously apply heat to straighten your hair, then this will create a memory for your hair to be straighter.  If you would like it to revert back to being curly, then you’d have to stop applying heat and apply hairstyles that would mimic a curly hair pattern such as two strand twists or a braid out which can be done with the Boost System.  The Basic Hair Care system seems easy enough to learn.
Bloggers Talk with Latoya of Basic Hair Care
Some additional hair care tips I learned from Basic Hair Care and Curls Unleashed was that I need to trim my hair more often.  Since being natural, I’m less likely to trim as often as I should.  I get fairy knots on the ends of my hair and am lazy when it comes to trimming.  Both companies set me straight on that.  You should trim your natural hair every 4 to 6 weeks.  Think about the damage you could be causing to your own hair by keeping knots on the ends!  A Denman brush could get caught in your natural hair with all those knots.  We don’t want that.
Hair Talk with Key of Curls Unleashed
While Key Speaks, We Listen
Overall, Fro Fashion Week was a success for me.  There was hair questions and answers, an opportunity to get your hair and makeup done, take home hair products, and interact with other people in the natural hair community.  This was an opportunity to speak and learn from one another.  Hopefully, I’ll see some of you at the next Fro Fashion Week.

Were you at Fro Fashion Week?  Leave your comments below.

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  1. I was not in NY for fro fashion but I've read some of their tips as to try products on your skin as well and thought Hey! I do the same thing!.LOL..IM on the right track on what feels right for my hair...Recently I had 2 products to choose from and amongst them was curls unleashed I did not pick it and really don't know why but it felt right on my fingers and skin but yet I went with the other product and not to happy about it...Looking forward to curls unleashed on the next round.


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