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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Natural Hair Video Tutorial: Samirah Gilly's No Heat Bantu Knot Out

The best thing about being natural is that we've learned how to take better care of our hair.  With the help of Youtube, there's no style that you can't learn how to do with practice.  You don't always need a blow dryer to stretch out your hair as shown in the above video.  You can manipulate your natural hair to the look the way you want.

Samirah is demonstrating her no heat bantu knot out.  She shows us how she stretches out her natural hair with large two strand twists.  There is another alternative to stretching your hair such as hair banding.  Banding is a way of stretching out your hair with the use of metal free hair bands.  You pull the hair taught apply a hair band an inch down, and repeat.  Make sure you have plenty of hair bands depending upon your hair length.

Samirah achieves her frizz free hairstyle using Karen's Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream.  It's important to note that this product is water free, so you can retain your length.  If you use a water based product, your hair will absorb the water and you hair stretching will be ruined.

The best tip that Samirah displayed was to form your bantu knots in the back with space in between.  If you've ever slept with bantu knots before, you'd understand that it can get uncomfortable wearing these to bed.  When taking your knots down, be careful not to rush as you may cause frizz.  You can apply Jojoba oil as Samirah suggests while carefully taking down your knots in the opposite direction.

Samirah gives a great tutorial for a stretched bantu knot out.  Will you try out her no heat bantu knot out?

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  1. I luv it when I have a "light bulb" moment and something clicks.....I have been trying to do bantu knots and braid outs on my girls and never thought that the product I was using had water in it so the hair reverts. Now I'm off to find some Karen's Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream....Thanks for sharing this video!


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